Nic Leo

Transformational music is a captivating and immersive sonic journey that has the power to deeply impact the listener’s state of being. Nic Leo, a visionary artist and composer, creates music that transcends traditional boundaries, aiming to uplift, heal, and transform the audience’s consciousness. By blending various genres, including ambient, electronic, and world music, Nic Leo crafts a unique sound that harmoniously weaves together intricate melodies, ethereal textures, and rhythmic pulses. His compositions are meticulously crafted, designed to guide listeners on a profound inner exploration and facilitate personal growth. Through his websites, and, Nic Leo shares his transformative musical creations, inviting individuals to experience the profound effects of his music firsthand. Whether one seeks relaxation, meditation, or a catalyst for personal transformation, Nic Leo’s transformational music provides a transformative sonic sanctuary that allows individuals to embark on a deeply introspective and spiritually uplifting journey.

Nic Leo

Nic Leo is a songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and singer. He writes for bands, orchestras, small ensembles, film/tv/various media, and, when he can, he writes for his personal projects. Nic Leo values the creation of art and media that intend to transform culture and society for the better. He thrives off the synergy of constructive collaborations, and he longs for work that is thought-provoking, potent, and inspiring.

Nic grew up in southern Connecticut. It was there that his musical path began; first with piano, then bass, then songwriting, singing, playing in and composing for rock/classical/jazz bands and so forth.

In 2010, he left his hometown and moved to New Orleans, Louisiana to study music both in academia (Loyola University New Orleans, BA in Composition, BA in Jazz Studies, Minor in Music Industry Studies) as well as from the incredible musicians in the musical mecca.
For the past 2 years, Nic Leo has been traveling around the country, exploring and documenting music scenes in various cities while putting on a performance series called “Sights and Sounds”, which features performing artists of all varieties (singer-songwriters, poets, actors, spoken word artists, comedians ect.) that have storytelling as a central theme of their work.
He now resides in Los Angeles, CA, where he is working on songwriting, film-scoring, and the occasional performance of his impassioned, intimate songs and stories.

What makes Nic Leo such a valuable and special creator and collaborator is his shameless vulnerability, intense critical discourse, and forever-naive hopefulness.

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