Kesha Engel Meditation

Humankind Live Stream Guided Meditation is an opportunity to experience the many benefits of meditation in the comfort of your own home. During our guided meditation sessions, our guest Kesha Engel will guide you through a series of steps that include getting into a comfortable posture, breathing exercises, mental imagery, and focusing your attention on the sensations in your body. These techniques will help cultivate mindfulness and allow your thoughts to come and go without judgment. Research has shown that regular participation in mindfulness-based interventions can result in a host of physical and psychological benefits, including reduced symptoms of chronic pain, improved sleep, and alleviated symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Your Soul Code Coach ~ Rev. Kesha Engel, LMT, R.Sc.P.
From a Near Death experience in her teens, to healing from stage 2B breast cancer in 2012 with a blend of holistic and standard treatments, Kesha has walked through the dark night of the soul. Her journey from bankruptcy to abundance and so much more, can assist you through your transformation.

With a background in Peace Studies & counseling, Kesha now serves as a spiritual life coach, breathwork trainer, Science of Mind practitioner, licensed massage therapist and energy healer, clinical hypnotherapist, and chaplain through Unity of Sedona.

She is a life-long student and teacher of spirituality, studying the works of Abraham Hicks, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Michael Mirdad, Eastern & Native Indian teachers and A Course in Miracles. Kesha is also certified in women’s soul-centered business coaching through Kendall Summerhawk.

Whatever your issue, Soul Code Coaching will guide you through the changes you want to master, with an open hearted commitment to your re-soul-ution. Kesha is dedicated to your expansion and well being. She lives between her native home in Wisconsin and Sedona, AZ.

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