Athena Tree

Electro symphonic music is a genre that combines electronic music with orchestral music. It is a hybrid style of music that is created by blending electronic instruments, such as synthesizers and sequencers, with traditional acoustic instruments. This type of music often combines soulful music arrangements with modern production techniques. It has become popular in recent years as it allows for a wide range of creative expression and exploration.

Humankind will be doing a live stream with the band Athena Tree on May 7th. Athena Tree is a band that combines classical music with modern production techniques in their own unique electro symphonic style. The live stream will feature their full performance, including original compositions. It will be a unique and exciting experience for fans to watch the band perform their unique music live and in real time.

As Athena Tree we are building electro symphonic music and celestial sound tour experiences with visual creations inspired by our shamanic work in Sedona. We performed music professionally for over fifteen years as a different duo until the spirit realm called us. Athena Tree is about fusing our inter-dimensional realm experiences with music and sound during these powerful transformative times. D is a writer and vocalist who plays piano, synthesizers, handpan and guitar with a background in jazz and performance art. Kira is a long time violinist and sound artist who explores frequencies on her five string violin, electric violin and vocals. Together, we create this music with the intent to connect the soul and expand the heart.

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