Lisa McCardle

Activation work is a type of spiritual practice used to help align a person’s DNA with their infinite potential. It is a way of connecting to one’s inner power and expanding their awareness of themselves. Activation work typically involves using tools such as intuitive guidance, light council channeling, and soul remembrance to help a person reach a higher level of consciousness. Through this practice, a person can access their inner power and create the life they desire.=

Lisa Marie McCardle is a Soul Alchemist and Intuitive Guide who specializes in activation work. On May 14th, she will be doing a live activation with Humankind. During this live stream, Lisa will be using her skills to help people reach a higher level of consciousness and align their DNA with their infinite potential. Through her guidance, she hopes to help people raise their consciousness and create the extraordinary lives they desire.

I Am A Creator Of Magic, Mystery, Manifestation, And Miracles

I love the essence of woman. The journey to empower the Sacred Feminine resonates deeply within my soul.

I was put here for a purpose, a purpose larger than myself, a purpose to serve, and this is my commitment.

I know what it means to be lost, confused, and angry at myself, life, even God. I have fallen and cried victim, AND I have gotten up, dusted myself off, and recalibrated myself back to the truth of my path, where I know what forgiveness and being on purpose looks like, feels like, breathes like, and tastes like.

I do not judge, as I am not without resolve, and this weaves throughout the heartbeat of my service. The creation of sacred space without judgement allows ALL healing and transformation to be possible!

I am complex and play in the realms of the multi-dimensional playground of consciousness. Yet from the outside my life looks charmed, blessed, magical, as well as completely and absolutely “normal”.

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